Branding campaigns

The AdMerize network delivers the right channels and/or websites for your (niche) campaigns. CPM (Cost Per Mille) campaigns are setup on specifics positions on one or more websites with a certain target group (targeting).
Emperize is the sales house for a variation of websites that reach potential consumers in different target groups.

Traffic campaigns

CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns on qualitative websites is the strong point of the AdMerize network. Not only do we constantly try to improve the quality of the delivered traffic, but we also make sure that the websites that promote your campaigns are all strictly selected on their content, target group, etc.
With a CPC campaign, you only pay for the visitors that come to your website and gives you free branding.
Emperize either uses a selection of websites to run your campaigns (Run Of Channel) or the complete network (Run Of Network).

Lead generation

Emperize has the experience of delivering qualitative leads via its advertising network or other partners. The advantage of CPL (Cost Per Lead) campaign is that you only pay for results. A fee per lead (subscription, sample, email, test drives, eCoupons, etc.) is agreed upon before the start of the campaign. An advertiser is therefore certain of the results that his campaign will generate, which makes the campaign more cost effective even before it started.
Emperize uses its own advertising network to generate the leads via different qualitative websites and email marketing databases.


Combining our advertising network with the networks of our partners, makes Emperize the one stop for all your affiliation programs.
The one and only goal for an affiliation program is to boost your online sales via a performance based CPS (Cost Per Sale) model. A fee is agreed upon before the start of the campaign (percentage or fixed fee) and is part of your sales budget instead of your marketing budget.

Real Time Bidding

Emperize works together with its partner to offer you the access to one of the largest RTB (Real Time Bidding) networks around.
With an RTB campaign, you buy your advertising impression in real time. Your campaign is only shown to a specific visitor on a specific website, when the system assumes that this visitor is interested in your advertisement. Targeting is done to improve the ROI of your campaign (targeting). Your campaigns can be run on the AdMerize and RTB networks simultaneously. Emperize will constantly optimize your campaign and shift the budget between the two networks to make sure the best conversion is met.
RTB campaigns can be run on both CPM and CPC, to make it more cost effective.

Video advertising

Emperize offers the possibility to run your video advertisements within a qualitative advertising network.
Pre roll, instream or text overlay advertising are the different possibilities to run your campaign. Within the AdMerize network, we can even focus on a double targeting: your advertisement linked with related video content and on a website within your target group.